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Thomas Dudley S44R 2 Part 10" Turbo Syphon 316300

£24.95 Exc. VAT

Thomas Dudley S44R 2 Part 10″ Turbo Syphon 316300.

Turbo S44R syphons can be used as a replacement in most high and low level lever operated ceramic or concealed cisterns.


  • Turbo S44R syphons incorporate a 2-part design that enables the syphon body to be simply removed from the cistern leaving the white downleg in position. Servicing can then be completed in under 5 minutes without having to disconnect the water supply and dismantle the cistern.
  • WRAS approved.
  • Built in internal overflow.
  • 38mm (1½”) diameter outlet.
  • Spares packs readily available.

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