R101 Radiator Inhibitor 250ml

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R101 Radiator Inhibitor

Will treat up to 50l of water.

Bottle contains 250ml.

Perfect for use in central heating systems to protect against corrosion, limescale buildup, and other issues. R101 Radiator Inhibitor will help maintain the efficiency and longevity of a home heating system.

Why use R101 Radiator Inhibitor

Corrosion Prevention: A radiator inhibitor contains chemicals that coat the interior of radiators and pipes, preventing corrosion caused by water in metal heating systems.

Preventing Limescale Buildup: The inhibitor prevents limescale accumulation in areas with hard water, maintaining efficient operation of radiators and pipes.

Maintaining System Efficiency: By stopping corrosion and limescale, the inhibitor ensures optimal heating system performance, avoiding flow impediments and heat transfer inefficiencies.

Extending System Life: Regular use of the inhibitor helps prevent damages like leaks and part deterioration, thereby prolonging the heating system’s lifespan.

Reducing Maintenance Costs: The inhibitor keeps the system running smoothly, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs.

Suitable for use in all types of radiator including aluminum based. 

Dosage: 250ml will treat up to 50l of water. Use 5ml per 1l of water.

Filling the radiator: Pour the required amount of concentrate into the radiator prior to filling with water.