Bristan BWT Limescale Filter (RAP SCALE FILT)



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Bristan BWT Limescale Filter (RAP SCALE FILT)

The Bristan BWT Limescale Filter is the new and improved solution to combat the effects of limescale in hard water areas. This upgraded filter maintains the stylish design of its predecessor while offering increased resilience to limescale build-up. Whether you live in a hard water area or not, this filter provides numerous benefits when using your Boiling Water Tap.

The filter features prefiltration to remove dirt and debris before water enters the system, finer filtration through a solid membrane filter, carbonate hardness adjustment to replace calcium molecules with harmless hydrogen, and a carbon block to absorb chlorine and other chemicals for improved water quality and taste.

Features and Benefits

  • Prefiltration to remove dirt and debris
  • Fine filtration and solid membrane filter for smaller particles
  • Carbonate hardness adjustment for safe drinking water
  • Carbon block absorbs chlorine and other chemicals

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  • Improved resilience to limescale build-up
  • Prefiltration removes dirt and debris
  • Carbon block improves water quality and taste