Vitra Aquacare, Rimex wall hung WC pan set,, with termostatic cartridge integrated stop valve (on left) -(EN1717 compatible) 7672B003-6204

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Elevate your bathroom experience with the VitrA M-Line Aquacare Wall-Hung WC, combining innovation and elegance.

  • Advanced WC: The M-Line Aquacare Wall-Hung WC offers a new level of hygiene and comfort.
  • Product Code: 7672B003-6204.
  • Brand: VitrA, a trusted name in bathroom excellence.
  • Colour: The pristine white finish complements any bathroom decor.
  • Bidet Function: Enjoy the convenience of a built-in bidet pipe for enhanced hygiene.
  • Outlet Type: Horizontal, ensuring efficient waste disposal.
  • Soft Close: The WC features a soft-close mechanism for quiet and gentle lid closure.
  • Certificates: LGA and NF certifications testify to its quality and safety.
  • Awards: This product has received prestigious awards, including Good Design, IF Design, and Plus X.
  • Designer: Created by Noa, blending aesthetics and functionality.

Q1: Is installation a challenge for this wall-hung WC? A1: Installation of the VitrA M-Line Aquacare Wall-Hung WC is straightforward, but it’s recommended to hire a professional plumber for precise fitting.

Q2: Can I adjust the water temperature for the bidet function? A2: Yes, the bidet function allows you to adjust both water temperature and pressure, ensuring a customized and comfortable experience.

Q3: How does the soft-close mechanism work, and is it durable? A3: The soft-close mechanism ensures a quiet and gentle lid closure, and it’s designed for long-term durability, adding convenience to your daily routine.

Elevate your bathroom experience with the VitrA M-Line Aquacare Wall-Hung WC, a harmonious blend of innovation and elegance. This advanced WC, identified by the product code 7672B003-6204, redefines hygiene and comfort in the bathroom. Backed by the trusted VitrA brand, known for its excellence in bathroom solutions, this WC boasts a pristine white finish that complements any bathroom decor. The built-in bidet pipe enhances hygiene, and the horizontal outlet ensures efficient waste disposal. Enjoy the quiet and gentle lid closure with the soft-close mechanism. The WC holds certifications from LGA and NF, attesting to its quality and safety. Its excellence has been recognized with awards such as Good Design, IF Design, and Plus X. Designed by Noa, it seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. While installation is feasible for DIY enthusiasts, hiring a professional plumber is recommended for precision. Customize your bidet experience with adjustable water temperature and pressure. Plus, the soft-close mechanism is not only convenient but also built to last, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine.


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