Vitra V-Care Prime Rim-ex Floorstanding WC White (7232B403-6217)

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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with the V-Care Prime Floor-Standing WC

Upgrade your bathroom to the pinnacle of modern luxury with the V-Care Prime Floor-Standing WC by VitrA. This innovative bathroom fixture is designed to revolutionize your daily routines, offering not only functionality but also impeccable style.

Product Highlights:

  • Type: Floor-Standing WC – A sleek and space-saving solution.
  • Brand: VitrA – A name synonymous with quality and innovation.
  • Bidet Function: With bidet pipe – Elevate your personal hygiene routine.
  • Outlet Type: Universal – Compatible with various plumbing setups.
  • Colour: White – A timeless and versatile choice for any bathroom.
  • Designer: Arik Levy – Crafted by a renowned designer.
  • Soft Close: Yes – Prevents slamming and adds durability.
  • Certificate: CE – Ensuring compliance with European standards.
  • Finish: VitraClean – A finish that’s easy to maintain and keeps your WC looking pristine.


The V-Care Prime Floor-Standing WC brings the future of bathroom hygiene into your home today. Its innovative bidet function with a built-in pipe takes personal cleanliness to new heights, ensuring you feel refreshed and confident after every use.

This WC is designed for ease of installation with its universal outlet type, making it compatible with various plumbing configurations. The white color adds a classic touch to your bathroom decor, while the design, curated by Arik Levy, embodies modern elegance.

Experience a new level of comfort with the soft-close feature that prevents abrupt lid and seat closure. With a CE certificate, this WC meets stringent European standards for quality and safety. The VitraClean finish not only adds to its aesthetics but also simplifies cleaning, ensuring your bathroom always looks its best.

Questions & Answers:

Q1: What is the advantage of a floor-standing WC? A1: Floor-standing WCs offer a contemporary and space-saving solution, ideal for bathrooms of various sizes.

Q2: How does the bidet function work, and what are its benefits? A2: The bidet function provides a gentle and effective way to cleanse after using the toilet, enhancing personal hygiene and comfort.

Q3: Is installation complicated for this WC? A3: Not at all. The universal outlet type ensures compatibility with most plumbing setups, making installation straightforward.

Elevate Your Bathroom, Elevate Your Life:

The V-Care Prime Floor-Standing WC is not just a bathroom fixture; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With innovative features, a stylish design, and the assurance of VitrA quality, it transforms your daily routines into moments of comfort and luxury. Embrace the future of bathroom hygiene with V-Care Prime.

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