Vitra Integra Semi-Recessed Washbasin (7069B003-0001)

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Integra Semi Recessed Washbasin by VitrA: Where Hygiene Meets Style

The Integra Semi Recessed Washbasin epitomizes the confluence of innovative design and impeccable hygiene standards. Crafted by the distinguished VitrA Design Team, this masterpiece effortlessly blends with the contemporary aesthetics of modern bathrooms. Its elegant white finish accentuates its sleek design, ensuring a perfect balance of style and functionality. Boasting the ‘Hygiene’ finish, this basin is not only a treat to the eyes but also promises unparalleled cleanliness, enhancing your daily wash experience.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Height: 165mm, Width: 550mm, Depth: 450mm.
  • Design Excellence: A brainchild of the globally celebrated VitrA Design Team.
  • Superior Finish: Advanced ‘Hygiene’ finish ensuring a germ-free and clean surface.
  • Certification: CE certified, attesting to its high-quality standards.
  • Tap Hole Options: Equipped with a single tap hole, enhancing its minimalist look.
  • Overflow Hole: Comes with an integrated overflow hole, prioritizing safety.
  • Colour Brilliance: Exudes a pristine white shade, amplifying luxury and sophistication.
  • Brand Heritage: A premium masterpiece from the renowned VitrA brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Who are the masterminds behind the Integra Washbasin design? A: The Integra Semi Recessed Washbasin is the creative genius of the revered VitrA Design Team.
  2. Q: Does the washbasin come with an overflow hole? A: Yes, the basin incorporates an overflow hole, ensuring added safety during use.
  3. Q: How many tap holes does the washbasin have? A: The Integra washbasin is designed with a single tap hole, offering a streamlined and neat appearance.
  4. Q: What makes the ‘Hygiene’ finish special? A: The ‘Hygiene’ finish ensures a bacteria-resistant surface, promising an enhanced clean and safe experience.
  5. Q: What is the primary shade of this washbasin? A: The washbasin is characterized by a luminous white hue, making it a versatile fit for diverse bathroom décors.

The Integra Semi Recessed Washbasin, bearing the product code 7069B003-0001, is more than a mere bathroom fixture—it’s a statement of refined taste and an embodiment of VitrA’s commitment to innovation and hygiene. Designed to perfection by the VitrA Design Team, this basin, with its lustrous white finish and hygiene-first approach, promises to be both a practical and aesthetic cornerstone in your bathroom. Whether you’re remodeling or setting up a new space, choose Integra by VitrA for a touch of luxury and assurance of hygiene.


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