Vitra 60cm Shelf High Gloss White (56906)

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Classic Shelf: Minimalist Elegance in High Gloss White

Introducing the Classic Shelf, a masterstroke in minimalist design, draped in a high gloss white finish that spells sophistication. Expertly curated by the acclaimed VitrA Design Team, this shelf offers not just utility but an elegant storage solution for modern spaces. Its sleek dimensions combined with the glossy finish make it a stunning addition to any decor, embodying the ideal blend of style and substance.

Key Features:

  • Product Code: 56906 – Representing VitrA’s exemplary craftsmanship and quality.
  • Dimensions: With a sleek height of 2mm, width of 60cm, and depth of 13cm, it’s the perfect fit for contemporary settings.
  • Designer: Exclusively crafted by the VitrA Design Team, known for their state-of-the-art designs.
  • Finish: PVC High Gloss – Offering a pristine, polished look that exudes luxury.
  • Assembly: Not Available – No fuss, ready to mount.
  • Brand: VitrA – A leading name in innovative home solutions.
  • Colour: Glossy White – Exuding timeless elegance and modernity.
  • Lighting: No – Keeping it simple and versatile.
  • Guarantee: A 2-year warranty ensuring long-term peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Can this shelf bear heavy items? A: The Classic Shelf is designed with sturdiness in mind. However, it’s always advisable to adhere to the weight recommendations for longevity and safety.
  2. Q: How easy is it to clean the high gloss white finish? A: The PVC glossy finish is quite easy to clean. Just a wipe with a damp cloth should restore its shine.
  3. Q: Is any assembly required upon delivery? A: No assembly is required. The Classic Shelf is ready to mount.
  4. Q: Who is the design maestro behind this product? A: The Classic Shelf is a signature piece from the renowned VitrA Design Team.

The Classic Shelf in high gloss white is a marriage of form and function. Conceived by the visionary VitrA Design Team, this piece adds a dash of modern flair to your spaces. With its immaculate glossy finish, and the trust of a 2-year guarantee, it’s more than just a shelf – it’s a testament to timeless style and impeccable quality. For those looking to elevate their interiors with a hint of luxury, the Classic Shelf is the ultimate choice.


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