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Telford Clivet 8kw Heat Pump –

£3,782.35 Exc. VAT


DescriptionUnit4 kW6kW8kW10kW12kW14kW16kW
Norminal Capacity HeatingLWT 35°C at OAT 7°CkW6.257.409.1010.3214.5715.4516.79
LWT 50°C at OAT 7°CkW5.196.868.439.8813.9014.9716.00
LWT 35°C at OAT -5°CkW5.016.037.688.7911.2912.4613.98
LWT 50°C at OAT -5°CkW4.065.047.348.0310.7711.1712.94
COP HeatingLWT 35°C at OAT 7°CkW4.964.765.074.934.694.594.43
LWT 50°C at OAT 7°CkW3.
LWT 35°C at OAT -5°CkW3.
LWT 50°C at OAT -5°CkW2.162.232.462.462.272.132.22
Outdoor Air Temperature RangeHeating°C-25-35
Water Outlet Temperature RangeHeating°C-25-35
DimensionsW x H x Dmm1295 x 792 x 4001385 x 945 x 410
Net WeightKg98/121121/148
Sound Power Level HeatingHeating LWT35°C at OAT 7°CdB(A)55585960656568
RefrigerantTypeR32 – 1.17kg

Further information can be found on the data sheet attached: Click Here


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