Gas Meter Union 28mm Grooved (GASMU28)


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Gas Meter Union 28mm Grooved (GASMU28)

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Gas Meter Union 28mm Grooved (GASMU28)

A 22mm grooved gas meter union is a type of fitting that is used to connect gas meters to gas pipes in a building.

The union is typically made of brass or another durable metal and has a grooved design that allows for easy installation and removal.

The 22mm measurement refers to the diameter of the union, which is a standard size used in many gas meter installations. The union has two threaded ends that can be screwed onto the gas meter and the gas pipe, respectively.

Once installed, the union provides a secure and leak-free connection between the gas meter and the gas pipe.

Gas meter unions are an important component of gas meter installations, as they allow for easy removal and replacement of the gas meter for maintenance or repair.

The grooved design of the 28mm union makes it especially easy to install and remove, without the need for special tools or equipment.

It’s important to note that gas meter installations should only be carried out by qualified professionals who have the necessary training and experience to work with gas pipes and fittings safely.

Incorrect installation or use of gas meter unions can result in gas leaks, which can be hazardous to health and safety.


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