Boilermag 28mm



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Filters out both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from heating systems.

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Boilermag Magnetic Central Heating Water Filter 22 or 28mm

What is a BoilerMag Magnetic Central Heating Water Filter?…The BoilerMag filter quickly removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris, improving energy efficiency and extending the life of your boiler and central heating system. The BoilerMag removes black ferrous oxide or ‘sludge’ which can seriously reduce your boiler’s efficiency by limiting heat transfer or blocking pipework. BoilerMag can be easily fitted on any angle of pipework. Simply adjust the port block locking collar on the BoilerMag and align inlet and outlet points to the pipework.

  • BoilerMag It’s all in the box – everything you need is in the BoilerMag kit; no need to buy additional fittings or adaptors, simply measure, cut and fit.
  • The BoilerMag fits Standard pipework – The BoilerMag comes complete with fittings to suit 22mm pipe (BoilerMag 28mm version also available).
  • The BoilerMag comes with High quality fittings – BoilerMag use only the best quality isolation valves available.
  • The BoilerMag has a No blockage design – The BoilerMag utilises Eclipse Magnetics’s patented free flow design which ensures zero blockages.
  • BoilerMag allows 360° adjustment – The BoilerMag fits easily to any pipework configuration: horizontal, vertical or angled.

Most new build or refurbishment projects now specify a heating system filter. BoilerMag is a highly efficient filter system which removes both harmful magnetic and non-magnetic debris, such as recirculating lime scale, BoilerMag protects your boiler and ensures full thermal efficiency of boilers and radiators. BoilerMag is the latest innovation from Eclipse Magnetics, a world leader in magnetic technology. Using our wealth of experience in magnetic design and fluid flow we have designed the BoilerMag to be a highly efficient filter. BoilerMag delivers outstanding features and benefits for the installer, service engineer, householder and the environment. If you want an efficient trouble-free heating system BoilerMag is a must… BoilerMag reduces Energy Bills – BoilerMag improves performance efficiency – no more radiator cold spots or reduced boiler heat transfer. BoilerMag will significantly increase a Boilers Life – a typical boiler and installation costs around £2000, why not protect it? BoilerMag increases Component Life – increases the lifespan of other components such as radiators, pumps, valves etc. The BoilerMag is a Fit and Forget Filter – as a householder you can enjoy all the benefits with zero hassle. BoilerMag only requires cleaning at the annual heating service.* BoilerMag has Zero Running Costs – once fitted BoilerMag requires no replacement parts or consumable items. Products which make a positive contribution to the environment are often specified in new build or refit projects. BoilerMag is the perfect fit…

  • The BoilerMag Reduces Energy Use – reduced system debris means increased heating efficiency.
  • The BoilerMag Reduces Carbon Emissions – reduced energy use means reduced CO² emissions.
  • The BoilerMag Requires No Consumables – requires no throw away items to run and maintain.


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