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Ariston Diaphragm 60025809-30

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Ariston Diaphragm 60025809-30.

Models this fits

Chaffoteaux II A BF

Chaffoteaux II A Prestige BF

Chaffoteaux II BF

Chaffoteaux 2.24 RSc

Chaffoteaux FF LPG

Chaffoteaux FF NG

Chaffoteaux 2.20 FF LPG

Chaffoteaux 2.20 FF NG

Chaffoteaux B 1F HP CE NG

Chaffoteaux B 2F HP CE NG

Chaffoteaux 1F HP LPG

Chaffoteaux 1F HP NG

Chaffoteaux 1F LP NG

Chaffoteaux 2F HP LPG

Chaffoteaux 2F HP NG

Chaffoteaux 2F LP NG

Chaffoteaux B 1F HP LPG

Chaffoteaux B 1F HP NG

Chaffoteaux B 2F HP LPG

Chaffoteaux B 2F HP NG

Chaffoteaux Flexiflue

Chaffoteaux Flexiflue (ce) LPG

Chaffoteaux Flexiflue (ce) NG

Chaffoteaux II FF

Chaffoteaux FF

Chaffoteaux II T 21 KW

Chaffoteaux II T 23 KW

Chaffoteaux BRITONY

Chaffoteaux CELT 1F HP NG

Chaffoteaux CELT 1F LP NG

Chaffoteaux CELT 2F HP NG

Chaffoteaux CELT 2F LP NG

Chaffoteaux SH12

Chaffoteaux M 12 TCC

Chaffoteaux M 12 TCD

Chaffoteaux M 12 TCF

Chaffoteaux M 12 TCFX

Chaffoteaux M 25 D

Chaffoteaux M 25 DA

Chaffoteaux M 25 DB

Chaffoteaux M 26

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