Vitra Origin Touch Free Soap Dispenser (A4475934)

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Origin Touch Free Soap Dispenser in Brushed Nickel: Elegance Reimagined

Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic with the Origin Touch Free Soap Dispenser in a sophisticated brushed nickel finish. Crafted to perfection by the illustrious VitrA Design Team, this dispenser integrates modern technology with timeless design, promising an unparalleled handwashing experience. The tall silhouette coupled with the Fırçalı Nikel colour exudes luxury, making it a standout addition to your contemporary space.

Key Features:

  • Product Code: A4475934 – Your assurance of VitrA’s commitment to quality and precision.
  • Brand: VitrA – Leading the way in avant-garde bathroom accessories.
  • Finish: Striking Fırçalı Nikel – A blend of luxury and modern design elements.
  • Colour: Fırçalı Nikel – Introducing a touch of contemporary elegance.
  • Touch-Free Mechanism: Promotes hygienic practices by eliminating the need for physical contact.
  • Power Source: Mains supply – Offering constant, uninterrupted functionality.
  • Mounting Style: Countertop model – Designed for seamless integration with various surfaces.
  • LED IP Rating: 0 – No specific protection against moisture ingress.
  • Driver IP Rating: IP67 – Assures defence against temporary immersion in water.
  • Design Legacy: A creation by the renowned VitrA Design Team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: How does the touch-free feature ensure better hygiene? A: Touch-free operation reduces the spread of germs by eliminating the need for direct contact, fostering a cleaner environment.
  2. Q: What maintenance does the Fırçalı Nikel finish require? A: The brushed nickel finish is designed for durability. A gentle wipe down with a soft cloth will maintain its lustre.
  3. Q: Is there a battery backup in case of a power outage? A: This model operates on mains supply. It’s advisable to have an alternative power source or backup in case of outages.
  4. Q: How simple is the refilling process? A: Absolutely straightforward! The design ensures hassle-free refilling without complex steps.

The Origin Touch Free Soap Dispenser in brushed nickel is where finesse meets functionality. Every aspect of its design, from its tall stature to the exquisite Fırçalı Nikel finish, speaks of luxury and advanced technology. Trust in the expertise of the VitrA Design Team and invest in a piece that’s more than just a dispenser—it’s an emblem of style and hygiene. Embrace the future of hand hygiene with Origin, where every detail is crafted to perfection.

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