Vitra Root Groove Upper Unit Matt Retro Green (69176)

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Root Groove Upper Unit in Matt Retro Green: A Touch of Nostalgia with Modern Functionality

Experience a blend of retro charm and contemporary functionality with the Root Groove Upper Unit in Matt Retro Green. Elegantly crafted by the renowned VitrA Design Team, this wall-hung upper unit, featuring a right-hand hinge, embodies compactness, and a unique Matt Retro Green finish. It promises to be an engaging focal point in your space, reflecting sophistication with a hint of nostalgia.

Key Features:

  • Product Code: 69176 – A testament to VitrA’s hallmark of quality.
  • Brand: VitrA – A synonym for superior craftsmanship in modern interior solutions.
  • Finish: PVC – Assuring durability with a refined aesthetic.
  • Compact Design: Perfectly suited for spaces that prioritize effective utilization of space.
  • Dimensions: A height of 85cm, width of 55cm, and depth of 25cm.
  • Lighting: No integrated lighting, keeping the focus on its vintage charm.
  • Guarantee: Comes with a 2-year guarantee, emphasizing VitrA’s confidence in its products.
  • Soft Close Mechanism: Ensures quiet and smooth operations, enhancing longevity.
  • Door Hinge: Positioned to the right for convenient access and usability.
  • Grip: Black Button Handle – Adding a dash of modernity to its retro allure.
  • Colour: Matt Retro Green – A hue that brings in a wave of nostalgia.
  • Assembly: Wall-hung, ensuring a sleek look while saving floor space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: How is the PVC finish advantageous for bathroom spaces? A: PVC finish is renowned for its moisture-resistant properties, making it perfect for humid environments like bathrooms.
  2. Q: Is the wall-hung design sturdy and safe for daily use? A: Absolutely! VitrA ensures robust mounting mechanisms for all wall-hung designs, ensuring safety and durability.
  3. Q: How does the soft close mechanism benefit the unit? A: The soft close mechanism prevents sudden jarring, reducing wear and tear, and ensuring quiet operation.
  4. Q: Can the unit’s handle color be customized? A: The unit comes with a black button handle as standard. For customization options, you’d need to consult with VitrA directly.

With the Root Groove Upper Unit in Matt Retro Green, immerse your interiors in an ambiance that resonates with memories of the past, while still embracing the comforts of the present. Designed meticulously by the VitrA Design Team, this unit is not just an aesthetic masterpiece but also a beacon of functionality. Whether you are refurbishing your space or setting up a new one, the Root Groove Upper Unit promises to be a cherished addition, exuding both style and substance. Elevate your décor with this exquisite blend of retro charm and modern finesse.

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