Fitting a shower Tray

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Whether you are renovating your bathroom completely or simply just replacing the tray, it is crucial that it is fitted correctly and neatly. So, as long as you follow some basic steps when it comes to your tray, you can have many years of happy showering ahead of you. Before purchasing your shower tray, cover all your bases by checking its width, height and colour. When you have your tray ready to be installed, ensure you are bedding the tray onto a flat and even floor. This can be checked with a good quality spirit level that will give you an accurate reading of how level your bathroom floor is. If your tray comes with feet, make sure that you adjust them accordingly to give them to correct clearance from the floor. The majority of stone resin trays do not require feet and therefore sits on a base instead which will give clear access to the waste and drainage. After you are confident that your tray has been placed correctly, you can begin sealing it. Using a waterproof sealant, make sure that there is no space between the tray itself and the wall and floor surrounding it. If your shower tray is sealed incorrectly, it can lead to leakages and mould growth, and should therefore be avoided. Products such as Classi Seal seal right around the edge of your tray and also allow tiles to be installed immediately after, making the installation of your shower enclosure quick and simple. Always protect your tray during installation using a dust sheet and avoid cleaning it with strong bleaches which can lead to damages and disrepair.


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